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GOdex, Zebra, Sato? These words may all seem a little bit foreign to you but they are our second language. Innovative tags has been specialising in thermal printing for nearly a decade so you could say we have some knowledge and experience when it comes to your printing needs and requirements.

We have carefully selected out printer range so we can ensure that you are making a quality investment with in your business, however our printers are actually capable of so much more and your selected industry might benefit from one, we do recommend getting in touch with one of our team before making your purchase just so we can ensure you are making the right purchase for your businesses needs with nearly 10 years experience we will be able to advise and recommend what would best suit your needs!

When purchasing a printer through innovative tags don’t expect to receive a delivery and be left to fend for yourself. We provide a thorough aftercare service to ensure you are able to set up, synch and start printing the week you receive your printer. Our technical support will enable you to feel
comfortable and confident through troubleshooting any issues you may face in working with your new thermal printer.

What can you print on with our thermal printers*?

*please note products available to print vary for each printer.

  • Ribbon
  • Thermal adhesive labels
  • Thermal pot tags
  • Thermal hang tag
  • Thermal wrap around tag
  • Thermal signs

The benefits of making an investment into thermal printing are many:

  • A quick and effective way to label and mark products.
  • Long lasting, thermal printed tags, labels and signs are likely to last 12 months plus in all terrains and weathers.
  • Endless possibilities or text and information.

If this has peaked your interest and you want to discover how a thermal printer and accompanying software will provide you with the above mentioned benefits view our range here and send an inquiry below and one of our team will be in touch with you. Please allow 10-15 for your discovery call to allow us to get a better understanding of your needs and requirements.

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