FX Pot Tags Range 2000 Tags/Roll



  • Compatibility: Fits most mid to large-scale thermal printers.
  • Size: Each tag measures 19 & 25mm in width & 112mm in length, with 2,000 tags per roll.
  • Color: Classic white, suitable for various labeling needs.
  • Material: Durable Polypropylene (PP), 0.35mm thickness.
  • Longevity: Designed to last over a year under typical conditions.
  • Versatility: Can be written on with a wide range of writing instrument

Limited Time Only!! SAVE 70% on the setup fees when you use the coupon code "itags70" at checkout.

Set-Up: $10.00 (per design, irrespective of the quantity ordered)

Cutting Fee: $15.00 - $45.00 (per shape, per order)

Price Quantity
$15.00 24-224
$20.00 225-544
$30.00 545-1024
$40.00 1025-2000
$45.00 2000+

Please note: The cutting fee is charged each time a new tag “shape” is used. The same shape can be used for multiple tag designs and only one cutting fee will be charged for that order.

Design Fee: $35.00 (only applicable when innovative tags designs & creates your tag)

There are two options available for your tag creation, and you can choose to personalise your own tag using the "personalise now" option, or, you can have our design team take the stress away and design it for you. Please follow the "design my tag form" option below, fill out the details, and one of our team will contact you.

For all queries please contact the office on 03 5024 1212 or get in touch via our contact form.

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Durable Nursery Labels for Efficient Nursery Management

Robust Pot Tags for Harsh Environments

Our “FX” Thermal Transfer Push-In Pot Tags are crafted to thrive in demanding Australian conditions. Made from 0.35mm thick Polypropylene (PP), these durable nursery labels are not only robust but also flexible enough for easy insertion into potting soil. Designed to last, these tags are perfect for use in any outdoor or greenhouse setting, providing reliable and long-lasting identification for your plants.

Compatible with Major Thermal Printers

Ease of use is key with our pot tags, which are compatible with an array of mid to industrial-sized thermal printers. This includes widely recognized brands such as GoDEX ZX420i, TXPSX, SATO, Zebra, and more, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow. Minor adjustments may be needed, but these durable nursery labels are designed to be printed effortlessly, making them a practical choice for busy gardeners and commercial nurseries alike.

Versatile Writing Surfaces

The versatility of our pot tags extends to their writing surfaces, which accommodate any writing instrument from basic pencils to advanced fade-resistant garden pens. For maximum legibility and durability under all weather conditions, we recommend using the i-Denti Pen. These tags are specifically formulated to hold ink securely, preventing smudging or fading and ensuring your information stays visible throughout the season.

Bulk Orders for Wide Application

Whether you are managing a small community garden or a large-scale commercial farm, our pot tags are available in bulk to meet your needs. They offer a practical solution for a variety of planting and labeling tasks, making them an essential tool for efficient plant management. Durable, reliable, and easy to use, these tags are an indispensable resource for any gardening or farming operation.

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 cm

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