Plant Labels

From small scale hobby gardeners to industrial scale horticultural enterprises, everyone needs to identify and label plants that they tend to. And we’ve all seen those kind of labels as we’ve walked around nurseries looking for plants to buy. Unfortunately, a lot of labels that you have encountered are probably not up to the job, showing signs of weathering that makes the little information on them hard to read.

The reality is, that there is no need for anyone to use substandard plant labels , tags or UV printed colour picture tags. Here at Innovative Tags, we take advantage of high-quality thermal printers to create labels that can withstand the worst of weather conditions and still be clearly legible for years. Furthermore, the label can carry as much or as little information as you require – not just the name of the plant but some facts as to the colour of bloom, potential size and the conditions in which it most likely to thrive. If you take advantage of our printing service, your plant tags and labels can be fully customised to meet your needs and tastes.

But should you prefer to make your own labels, we can help with that too. Our well stocked on-line shop has absolutely everything you could possibly need, from printers with accessories and software to a huge variety of tags, adhesive labels, label holders and winders. However, if you prefer a more personal touch to your tags, we have bamboo markers and stakes that you can embellish with your own handwriting – the choice is yours!

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