Bamboo plant markers

In a world that has become all too aware of the scourge of single use plastics, it’s hardly a secret that bamboo is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. But not only that, bamboo has countless different applications in the modern world. As a young plant it has a well-established place in the culinary world and as an incredibly strong but light mature plant, is widely used in construction, replaces many types of timber and can even be found in the manufacture of fabrics.

But did you know what makes bamboo such a sustainable resource?

For starters it grows up to 10 times faster, absorbs more carbon and emits more oxygen than most trees, needs little water to survive and actually thrives on neglect, needing little in the way of husbandry – and when it comes to harvesting there no need for pesticides or herbicides. Not only that but when the bamboo is harvested it is done in such a way that the roots are left in place to regrow and produce another harvest without needing to disturb the soil.

All of this means that it is the ideal material for plant tags and markers. Our markers are light but extremely resistant and because they will last so long have been designed to be reusable time after time. And at the remarkable price of only $12 for a box of fifty bamboo plant markers these are the perfect tags for gardens and commercial nurseries alike.

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