Innovative tags are Australia’s leading thermal printer & plant label/tags specialists. We supply our products to every corner of Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia and are forever expanding.

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Innovative Tags offer you a 3 business day turnaround on printed thermal roll labels, once you have approved a printed proof of your labels. This program is designed to provide timely supplies of small batches of labels printed specifically to your particular requirements.

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Kerry Groenewald founded Innovative Tags in 2008, after gaining experience in the Australian Wine Industry. In the years since its founding, Innovative Tags has grown into a successful nursery tag business, and it is all thanks to the loyalty and support of our customers.

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Australia’s Nursery Tag Specialists

Innovative Tags, are Australia’s leading nursery plant label printers and plant tag specialists and we supply our products to every corner of Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia and we are forever expanding.

We can print nursery plant labels and plant tags to your requirements and designs. Our plant tags and plastic garden labels will be the perfect complement for your plant and if you require something innovative, it can even give them a bit of character!

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Australia’s leading nursery plant tag specialists.

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Print garden labels, tree tags and tie tags with ease.

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At Innovative Tags, you will find a down-home friendly attitude, knowledgeable about our products and eager to assist. Our Horticulture Labels & Tags are suitable for the harsh climate here in Australia and will last for years without fading as they are UV resistant.

Here at Innovative Tags, we are passionate about everything to do with horticulture. Still, our real passion is creating plastic garden labels so that you quickly identify your plants, long after they are planted. Plastic plant labels and garden markers mean that even novice gardeners know exactly what plants are in which pot or area of the garden. Our printable plant labels are convenient and easy to use while our loop lock tags, self tie loop lock labels and greenhouse labels are amazingly designed with simplicity in mind.

We fully appreciate that many companies offer plant labels and garden labels, but our plant tags and labels are of superior quality and represent excellent value for money. We offer an extensive range of plant labels along with tree tags, nursery plant labels, plant markers and waterproof plant markers. Indeed our tie tags and DIY plant markers have been a massive success with both novice and experienced gardeners. We all know that plant name tags would help us to plan our gardens, but in reality, how many of us actually use them?

We offer nursery plant label printers and a plant label printer which makes creating your own DIY plant tags and DIY plant labels incredibly easy. When it comes to plant tags and creating loop lock labels, you really will have no excuse. Our objective it is to make gardening fun and enjoyable for everyone, taking away any of the unwanted stress, leaving you to enjoy your gardens and your plants. We continually receive positive feedback from our satisfied customers who tell us that our nursery plant labels, tree tags and greenhouse labels have saved them considerable work.

Gardening on whatever scale is something that has become increasingly popular in recent years, and while there have been significant advances in the techniques used, one problem still remains – knowing what you planted where! At Innovative Tags, we have a comprehensive range of plant labels, plant tags and tree tags that should help eliminate this problem. We have plastic tags as well as more environmentally friendly options, but all of which can easily be written on, so you know which plants are in your beds.

Regardless of the size of your garden, it is easy to forget what you planted where and this is where plastic garden labels can come to your assistance. At Innovative Tags, we have an array of garden labels, tree tags along with printable plant labels and accompanying nursery plant label printers. Although it may seem simple to label plants, if you don’t use the appropriate tags and, perhaps more importantly, the correct ink, any tags can quickly fade and become illegible in the harsh Australian climate.

Our plant labels, plant tags and tree tags are suitable for professional gardeners, garden centres and nurseries, as well as for domestic use. We have a selection of printers that will allow you to produce custom-made, high-quality plant markers or alternatively, you can have tags that are suitable for handwritten plant markers. If you require, we also provide a service where we can print the plant labels on your behalf, saving you time and the somewhat laborious task of writing the tags by hand.

Over the years that we have been in business, we have always listened to the needs and demands of our customers. As such, we have evolved our products to reflect the ever-changing market and the shift towards more environmentally friendly materials. We love gardening, and we take pleasure in seeing your gardens in full bloom, but we appreciate that it can also be quite stressful. We have, therefore, made it our priority to do all we can to remove as much of the stress as possible, allowing you to enjoy your garden and plants rather than viewing them as a burden.

Regardless of the size of your garden, it is easy to forget what you planted where and this is where plastic garden labels can come to your assistance. At Innovative Tags, we have an array of garden labels, tree tags along with printable plant labels and accompanying nursery plant label printers. Although it may seem simple to label plants, if you don’t use the appropriate tags and, perhaps more importantly, the correct ink, any tags can quickly fade and become illegible in the harsh Australian climate.
We have a range of weatherproof plant markers and DIY plant markers that are designed to last. We guarantee that you will know what you planted for seasons to come, something that can be essential when it comes to planning. Greenhouse labels are also handy, especially if you are growing from seed. Not only does it help to identify plants, but it also ensures that they are fed and watered correctly. Our selection of plant tags and labels are ideal for greenhouse, house plants or in your garden
If you are unsure which plant labels would be best for you, a member of our friendly and helpful team will be able to offer you professional advice. We have tree tags available for everything from smaller shrubs to mature trees. Our loop lock tags will never fall off accidentally and are difficult for even the most persistent animals to remove. We want to make things as easy as possible for you, meaning that your plants and garden can be enjoyed rather than become a burden.

Innovative Tags is the one stop shop for all of your plant and garden labelling needs. Supplying everything that you could possibly require from nursery plant thermal and laser label printers plus all the appropriate accessories and software – to individual permanent markers for writing your own labels, we have got it covered!

Since its inception in 2008, Innovative Tags has evolved into an international one stop shop for all of your plant name tags and labels requirements. Supplying a vast array of plastic plant and garden labels, bamboo plant markers, not just to the Australian market, but to New Zealand and Indonesia too, Innovative Tags caters to all sectors of the horticultural market. Small market gardeners, nursery owners, hobby gardeners and large-scale corporate enterprises all require a means of identifying and describing the plants that they are growing.

Making the process of creating your own DIY plant tags and labels achievable by selling all the requisites such as nursery plant label printers, thermal printers, plus all the associated software and accessories offers huge flexibility in the type of label produced. Circumstances will dictate whether push in pot markers, tie tags or self-tie loop labels are most appropriate for you, but whatever your choice, you will be able to produce weather proof plant markers and labels that can withstand the full range of elements without fading or erasing.

And if you don’t have the time or inclination to produce your own labels our service includes taking care of this for you. Your order, whether it be large or small, can be fully customised to your specific instructions and with our speedy turnaround and despatch you could have your new labels in no time at all – and with minimum effort on your part.


Regardless of whether you are a green fingered enthusiast in your garden at home or operating a serious horticultural enterprise, you will definitely benefit from the use of plastic plant and garden labels. And whatever style you are looking for Innovative Tags will be happy to supply you. Our range of weatherproof and UV resistant plant markers includes thermal push in pot, wrap around and hanging tags, self-tie loop lock labels. In addition, we supply a large assortment of thermal ribbons, a selection of thermal adhesive labels, and a choice of eco-friendly bamboo plant markers.

Also available is a range of laser printed and handwrite options including waterproof printing paper and a huge medley of labels, markers and pens.

Everything is here for you to create your own DIY hand written or printable plant tags and labels, but if you prefer, or need a truly professional job, our service extends to printing labels for to your exact requirements.

With an assurance of quality products, affordable prices and a speedy turnaround, this is the popular choice for many hobbyists and entrepreneurs who do not have the time to create their own plant name tags or nursery plant labels.

For commercial garden centres, our nursery plant label printers and plant label printer could potential save them valuable man-hours if the plant markers needed to be written by hand or you were using a printer which wasn’t designed for the purpose. To give you more of an indication about the types of garden labels and garden markers that we offer, below we have listed some, but by no means all of our products:


  • Tie Tags
  • Plant Tags
  • Loop lock tags
  • Loop lock labels
  • Self tie loop lock labels
  • Weatherproof plant markers
  • Plant name tags
  • DIY plant markers
  • DIY plant tags
  • DIY plant markers

If there any other sorts of plastic plant labels that you require including printable plant labels or other plant tags and labels, then our team will do all they can to accommodate your needs.

If you would like more information about our plastic garden labels and plastic plant labels we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on +61 3 5024 1212, email us on, visit us at 5 Urwin Court, Red Cliffs VIC 3496, or alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website. A member of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have as well as offering friendly and helpful advice if you so require.

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